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Adding an online dimension to an onsite event has been a strong trend in EURES in the last three years. Here we speak to a EURES Adviser involved in the recent Canary Islands Online Job Day, EURES Spain's ambitious first venture into digital job fairing.

When questioned on the benefits of the Online Job Day, EURES Spain's Daniel Bellón notes that "the biggest pull factor was undoubtedly the fact


The EURES Malta team have developed new means of assisting employers, particularly in hospitality, Malta's most productive sector. Of the 144,094 full-time workers on the island (as of October 2009), some 40,000 of these depend, directly or indirectly, on work in the hospitality sector. Still, the popularity of the island means that during seasonal peaks the industry is very often in short


The HSBC UK Contact Centre (HBEU) is participating in the three-day EURES Malta – ETC Job Fair which got underway yesterday at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.

Prospective employees will have the opportunity to network with HR personnel and get acquainted with a possible role in the industry as well as discuss career positions on offer.


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