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Adding an online dimension to an onsite event has been a strong trend in EURES in the last three years. Here we speak to a EURES Adviser involved in the recent Canary Islands Online Job Day, EURES Spain's ambitious first venture into digital job fairing.

When questioned on the benefits of the Online Job Day, EURES Spain's Daniel Bellón notes that "the biggest pull factor was undoubtedly the fact that there were no travel costs for participants. While our onsite events attract high numbers, on the evidence of our recent Online Job Day we think there is scope in the coming years to attract even more participants who may not be in a position to travel to the onsite event."

EURES Spain's first online event, which took place in November, offered "modern, dynamic and creative" services for employers and jobseekers. As in all EURES Online Job Days, jobseekers could:

  • browse jobs and companies beforehand;
  • apply to positions directly through the online portal;
  • chat with employers;
  • follow webinars and presentations, and
  • chat with EURES Advisers.

The Online Job Day added a new dimension to the annual Canary Islands EURES Job Week. As Daniel notes, EURES Spain's first venture into online job fairs has proven "very successful, with a lot of scope for expansion in the coming years". Indeed, 822 jobseekers registered for the Online Job Day event, while 31 companies advertising a total of 220 vacancies took part too.

A new round of EURES Job Day/Week events with an online component will take place across Europe next spring. Please see the dedicated European Job Day website to keep up to date with all upcoming Online Job Day events.


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